With people in focus

Blåkläder believes in social responsibility throughout the production and work towards giving all workers a good and safe working environment and a workplace with good conditions and that they thrive on. Regardless of the employer you have, and regardless in which country you work. Therefore, we choose suppliers with care.

Our suppliers must meet all of our requirements regarding safety, human rights and environmental impact, just as our own production units. There are national laws and international conventions governing the rights of workers in the workplace, including the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the ILO (International Labour Organisation) Conventions on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. When we set demands on our suppliers, we use a code of conduct which lists the laws and conventions on workers' rights at work, which all our suppliers need to sign and agree to follow.

Our Code of Conduct regulates the ethical environment at our suppliers and is based on ILO's eight core conventions on labor standards. To be sure that our suppliers meet our requirements, we carry out regular inspections of our suppliers and production units. These checks are made by Blåkläder employees, so that we, with our own eyes, can see if the working environment is as good as it should be.

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