EN 14116 - Protection against heat and flame

Protective clothing complying with this International Standard is intendedto protect the user against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames, incircumstances where there is no significant heat hazard and without the presence ofanother type of heat. When protection against heat hazards is necessary, ISO 11612is recommended.

Protective clothing according to EN ISO 14116 may consist of several separategarments, or a single garment with one or more layers. All assemblies claiming compliancewith this standard shall achieve a limited flame spread index of 1, 2 or 3 whentested in accordance with ISO 15025.

Limited flame spread index

  • Index 1 (flame spread, flaming debris and afterglow properties)
  • Index 2 (as index 1 and included hole formation properties)
  • Index 3 ( as index 2 and included afterflame properties)

If the index is 1 (lowest level) the garment can only be used outside a garment withindex 2 or 3. Index 1 may not have skin contact, e.g. neck and wrist.